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The corrugated packaging at PREM is a leading vertically integrated manufacturing division in North India, offering a wide range of converting capabilities as well as high-quality corrugated materials and machines designed to protect, promote, deliver, and display your products.

Whether you require a one-of-a-kind shape, a specially reinforced structure, a shelf-ready solution, a simple one-color box, or a dynamic display, our skilled team creates and delivers solutions that are important to you by:

  • Lowering your total cost through the supply chain and developing sustainable solutions to reduce environmental impact throughout the package life-cycle
  • Increasing sales through innovative designs and dynamic shelf appeal for unique consumer experiences.
  • Reduce your risk with time-tested designs, sales support, unparalleled machine’s performance, and a coast-to-coast footprint.
  • Increase your sustainability by using more renewable and recyclable resources.

Our integrated packaging solutions include the Packaging Consulting Group, which will evaluate your production line and recommend technology-based packaging efficiencies. Furthermore, we will suggest ways to maximise, simplify, or modify your container designs in order to optimise packaging and processes.

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