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Tailor-made Solutions

We are manufacturers of all kinds of packaging solutions, including corrugated boxes, luxury boxes, flexible laminates, mono cartons, e-com packaging and outer cartons. Our mission as a small start up in 1976 was simple: To tailor a company with the flexibility to fill orders of all sizes and to consistently provide our customers with a superior product.

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Advancing E-com Packaging

Packaging for e-commerce is more than protecting and preserving the product. A greater grasp of consumer lifestyle trends, consumer habits, and retail transformations that affect the consumer experience is the first step...

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Product is only as good as its packaging

Packaging is a crucial component of a brand's concept, whether the customer is a prestige shopper or purchasing a gift. When it comes to packing, rigid boxes are frequently the last thing that people consider, but when it comes to luxury goods, rigid box packaging is actually a highly popular option. We use technology to craft it elegantly for you!

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Our Solution is Flexible

By enabling the development of packaging that can adapt to the unique requirements of each product, flexible packaging is a technologically advanced and versatile solution that aids in enhancing the quality and visibility of the items. Take into account the benefits of packaging that may flex, stretch, or shrink to accommodate various needs.

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Manufacturing with Technology

We solve the biggest packaging challenges of our customers with an innovative approach and leading technology. We have a team under R & D who deals with premium quality materials, packaging designs & technical aspects. Our team manages machinery and automation with a digital approach to ensure the best output.

We are keeping it 'Green'

Our vision to be the best packaging solution provider in the world, it drives everything we do. We’re innovating to help our customers reach their sustainability goals and win in the market. We’re setting science-based goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Stewarding natural resources & using material that can be recycled, reused or decomposed. We are working towards 100% safety & becoming an employer of choice.

Through these and many other efforts, we aim to help our business, our customers, our team members, our investors and our communities realize the promise of a sustainable future.

We are crafting paper packaging and recycling the plastic. With our team recycled over 2000 tonnes of plastic in the last three years, averaging 50 tonnes per month.

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